Tzu Chi Walnut Elementary School

Tzu Chi Walnut Elementary School (TCES Walnut) strives to become a distinguished international school that embodies Tzu Chi’s humanistic values and academic excellence.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Elementary School Students Help Give Used Clothing a Second Life

Tzu Chi Elementary School in Walnut, California, organized a clothes recycling drive from October 10 to 21, 2022. Everyone, from teachers, parents, and students, did their best to cooperate, with 109 people participating. In the spirit of “cherishing things and blessings,” families donated their unwanted clothes and shoes to give them a second life when people in need in the community received them. The drive seamlessly combined charity with environmental protection through recycling second-hand yet still valuable goods. A total of 250 bags of donated clothing were collected and delivered to a charity distribution site.

Virtues & Character Education

Our program provides a profound and engaging curriculum appropriate for different grade levels, that relates course content to daily life. The program inspires students to become aware of their own behavior and how it affects others, and to cultivate positive character traits and virtues that lead to harmony in the classroom, the family, community, and society at large.

Open House

Come visit our nurturing campus to discover more about our programs and meet our dedicated staff and families. We firmly believe that education is a collaborative journey, and we’re eager to partner with you in unlocking the potential within each and every child.

We look forward to seeing you there with smiles and excitement!

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