Tzu Chi Schoolwide Learner Goals

Foster Compassion and Empathy

Encourage students to actively participate in service projects and community outreach programs that emphasize compassion and empathy.

Promote a culture of peer support and mentorship, where older students serve as role models and guides for their younger counterparts.

Incorporate mindfulness and social-emotional learning into the curriculum to help students better understand and manage their emotions, thus fostering empathy and compassion.

Promote Academic Excellence

Continuously review and update the curriculum to ensure it remains rigorous, relevant, and aligned with current educational standards and global trends.

Provide opportunities for students to engage in independent research, critical analysis and inquiry-based learning, promoting critical thinking and creativity.

Encourage collaboration among students through group projects, debates, and peer-to-peer learning, fostering teamwork and communication skills

Cultivate Integrity and Ethical Leadership

Integrate character education into the curriculum to explicitly teach values such as respect, appreciation, compassion, responsibility, honesty and courage.

Create opportunities for students to engage in ethical dilemmas and discussions, allowing them to practice and reflect upon ethical decision-making.

Recognize and celebrate instances where students demonstrate integrity and leadership, emphasizing the importance of these qualities in shaping their lives.

Empower Global Citizenship

Encourage students to participate in international exchange programs, cultural immersion experiences, and collaborative projects with schools from different countries.

Develop extracurricular clubs and initiatives that address global issues, such as sustainability, social justice, and humanitarian aid.

Host events and workshops that educate students about global challenges and inspire them to take action, fostering a sense of global responsibility. 

Cultural Awareness and Respect

Celebrate cultural diversity through events, festivals, and presentations that showcase the traditions, history, and contributions of various cultures.

Promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding through intercultural workshops and activities that allow students to learn from one another.

Develop partnerships with local cultural organizations and invite guest speakers to provide insights into different cultures, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and appreciation.

By further developing these schoolwide learner goals, Tzu Chi Elementary School will continue its mission of nurturing students who excel academically while embodying humanistic values. These enriched goals will empower students to become exceptional global citizens dedicated to serving others, creating a more inclusive, compassionate, and responsible world.